Pintxo institute

The Pintxo Institute of San Sebastián is an association that works to protect and promote the San Sebastián pintxo.

We want to promote the San Sebastián pintxo as a gastronomic reference worldwide.

Pintxo or brochettes
Understood as a “pintxo” or “brochette”, in terms of its balanced combination of flavour and aesthetics with several titbits of food, that either on a slice of bread, or on a brochette or some other presentation can be sampled in two or three mouthfuls. It is normally picked up with your fingers. The brochette is a more traditional concept.

Miniature kitchen
A dish containing a sophisticated recipe (sauce, presentation, etc.), and that is eaten with a knife and fork. This preparation needs to be served up straight away.

Our aim is to position the San Sebastián pintxo as a gastronomic reference worldwide.
This showcases the gastronomic richness of the pintxo, in its traditional, modern and mini form.
Preserving authenticity, tradition, personality and individuality, which are the defining values of the San Sebastián pintxo.
Creating a “healthy competitiveness” among establishments.


Our vision

To get the bars in Donostia/San Sebastian to improve the service and technical conditions of their premises, and above all, their range of food.
To improve how bars in San Sebastián are reviewed by critics and the travel and food magazines, etc.
Getting locals from San Sebastián to take pride in the level of their establishments in the city and to be our best ambassadors is top of the agenda.


This way of sharing our culture is defined by multiple product quality values

Commitment Honesty

The evaluators are a group of 20 people, non-practising hoteliers, who specialise in the different disciplines mentioned above. These evaluators have received training to do this work.

The assessments are numerical according to objective parameters and each establishment is monitored by at least 5 evaluators.